Tinder Japan: Hanami
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Tinder Japan: Hanami

Hanami, also known as the “cherry blossom festival,” is annual celebration of appreciating the temporal beauty of nature in the spring. All across the country, people gather under blooming cherry blossoms for food, drinks, songs, and companionship. At the same moment, Tinder was seeking more word-of-mouth exposure. So, knowing that Yoyogi Park has thousands of visitors during hanami season on weekends, we created a hanami event hosted by Tinder.

The Tinder hanami event was marketed solely through Facebook resulting in a high reach of 216K with only 5 weeks of promotion.

We brand the area well with branded content unique to the aesthetics of the seasonal event: dozens of people wearing branded happis and yukatas, leisure sheets, flags and even a traditional sake barrel and 400 Tinder-branded wooden sake cups to give away.

Not only did the attendees feel encircled by the Tinder branding, the passersby become attracted to the uniqueness of event, as well. As a result we had hundreds of people stop by to ask what the event was about.The #tinderhanami hashtag received 84 public posts on Instagram with several more posts on Facebook and Twitter accounts. An estimated 150 posts were made on both public and private social media accounts with the event hashtag.

By sharing and boosting the photos and videos taken during the event we aimed to create online buzz and portray Tinder as a very social app that is well localized in Japan and is the perfect platform for foreigners and Japanese to meet as well as a platform for one to easily expand its own network.